Hello All Patriot Parents and Students!

My name is Mrs. Steele, and I am the Attendance Secretary for Patriot Preparatory Academy! I am responsible for all of your attendance needs. This means that I am the one who you submit all excuse notes to; I accept your Request for Absence forms; I keep track of all absences and tardies, and I am the one who records our snow days!

I look forward to a wonderful school year with each and every one of you! If you need a copy of our attendance policy, it is in our Parent-Student Handbook. I am also willing to provide you with copy, if you want it.

Feel free to email me at either or with all of your attendance questions, comments, or concerns!

Continued Blessings,

Mrs. Del-Jean Steele
Attendance Secretary

Reporting Absences & Tardies

Should a student be absent or late, the student’s parent/guardian is required to notify the school attendance office by 8:30am each day the student is absent or will be in late. The attendance office has a 24 hour voicemail at 614-864-5332 extension 114 or you can email Contacting the student’s teacher does not count as contact to the school – the attendance office must be notified. If you fail to contact the school, you will be called at home or work. Please include the student's name, grade, and reason for absence in any attendance communication.

In addition to notifying the school, a written excuse or email is required within 5 school days of returning to school for the absence to excused. Please see the handbook for more information. 
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