Special Services

Patriot Preparatory Academy is committed to a high quality educational program for each of its students. We believe that all students can learn, but not always in the same way or at the same time. Talented and capable PPA teachers are attentive to the needs of all students. Challenging and stimulating learning opportunities are provided regularly as an expected feature of the overall educational program.

Teachers are responsive to the individual learning needs of students on a daily basis and are constantly adjusting their teaching patterns in order to assure student learning. For example, teachers present information in multiple formats, students can select projects which are of interest to them, various presentation formats are available for student projects, group work is included when appropriate, study guides are provided, and a variety of assessment patterns are used.

Despite these efforts, not all students’ needs can be identified and accommodated by the classroom teacher alone. PPA has developed a multi-faceted program to accommodate these student learning needs. Programs fall under two categories:
1. Those which operate under the school’s regular education guidelines and;
2. Those which operate under state and federal special education guidelines.
If you would like more information on our special education services, please contact:
Marty Dwyer, Special Education Director
[email protected]
Mrs. Marty Dwyer
Mrs. Marty Dwyer
Student Services Administrator


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