Staff Directory

Ms. Jenny Allen
Allen, Ms. Jenny
3rd Grade
Ms. Emily Allred
Allred, Ms. Emily
Assistant Treasurer & Assistant to the Superintendent
Mr. Michael Ania
Ania, Mr. Michael
Middle School Intervention Specialist
Ms. Joni Ashley
Ashley, Ms. Joni
Head Cook
Ms. Ausja'nay Baez
Baez, Ms. Ausja'nay
2nd Grade Paraprofessional
Mrs. Heather Barham
Barham, Mrs. Heather
Food Service
Mrs. Amber Bassham
Bassham, Mrs. Amber
Middle School History
Mrs. LaMaRue Bedford
Bedford, Mrs. LaMaRue
ELL Program
Mrs. Cheryl Betts
Betts, Mrs. Cheryl
K-5th Grade PE
Mrs. Diane Bolar
Bolar, Mrs. Diane
Attendance Secretary
Mr. Brian Bosler
Bosler, Mr. Brian
4th-12th Music & Band
Mrs. Jaye Boyte
Boyte, Mrs. Jaye
Middle School Intervention Specialist
Mrs. Yolanda Briggs
Briggs, Mrs. Yolanda
Elementary Dean of Students
Mr. Josh Buergel
Buergel, Mr. Josh
High School Social Studies
Mr. Curt Caffey
Caffey, Mr. Curt
Athletic Director
Mrs. Diane Cahill
Cahill, Mrs. Diane
Elementary Technology and Library
Mrs. Joelle Coulter
Coulter, Mrs. Joelle
Speech and Language Pathologist
Ms. Alex Couthen
Couthen, Ms. Alex
Food Service
Cumberland, Mr. Jeff
Building Substitute
Ms. Jenny Davidson
Davidson, Ms. Jenny
Mrs. Alisia Davis
Davis, Mrs. Alisia
Middle School Technology
Mrs. Kimberly DeMay
DeMay, Mrs. Kimberly
Gifted Program
Mrs. Sherry Diggs
Diggs, Mrs. Sherry
3rd Grade Paraprofessional
Mrs. Jessica Doherty
Doherty, Mrs. Jessica
Elementary Instructional Advisor
Mrs. Marty Dwyer
Dwyer, Mrs. Marty
Student Services Administrator
Ms. Megan Dwyer
Dwyer, Ms. Megan
Guidance Counselor
Ms. Ryley Dyer
Dyer, Ms. Ryley
4th Grade Language Arts
Mr. Shawn Dyer
Dyer, Mr. Shawn
Middle School History
Mrs. Amy Edwards
Edwards, Mrs. Amy
EMIS Coordinator
Ms. Gerrika Fagain
Fagain, Ms. Gerrika
Middle School Math
Mr. Jordan Flory
Flory, Mr. Jordan
Middle & High School PE
Mrs. Michelle Flory
Flory, Mrs. Michelle
Middle & High School Instructional Advisor
Ms. Stazia Foster
Foster, Ms. Stazia
Building Substitute
Mrs. Danielle Frye
Frye, Mrs. Danielle
High School Social Studies
Mrs. Pam Gould
Gould, Mrs. Pam
Mrs. Beata Gray
Gray, Mrs. Beata
2nd Grade Remediation
Mr. Max Green
Green, Mr. Max
Middle School Science
Mrs. Elizabeth Grell
Grell, Mrs. Elizabeth
3rd Grade
Mrs. Bridget Hale
Hale, Mrs. Bridget
High School Intervention Specialist
Ms. Latasha Harris
Harris, Ms. Latasha
Food Service
Mrs. Terrie Hawes
Hawes, Mrs. Terrie
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Samantha Henne
Henne, Ms. Samantha
1st Grade
Mrs. Thresa Hewell
Hewell, Mrs. Thresa
Bus Driver
Mr. John Hoffman
Hoffman, Mr. John
Building Substitute
Ms. Kristen Hoffman
Hoffman, Ms. Kristen
Middle School Language Arts
Ms. Jamia Hogan
Hogan, Ms. Jamia
Elementary Paraprofessional
Mrs. Emily Howard
Howard, Mrs. Emily
2nd Grade
Ms. Melissa Hrivnak
Hrivnak, Ms. Melissa
High School Math
Mr. Aaron Hurst
Hurst, Mr. Aaron
3rd Grade
Mrs. Debbie Hurt
Hurt, Mrs. Debbie
High School Math
Hurt, Ms. Sydney
Elementary Paraprofessional
Mr. Mark Keane
Keane, Mr. Mark
High School Science
Mrs. Emily Kelley
Kelley, Mrs. Emily
4th Grade Remediation
Ms. Kelly Kellogg
Kellogg, Ms. Kelly
K-5th Art & Music
Ms. Elyse Knowland
Knowland, Ms. Elyse
4th Grade Paraprofessional
Mrs. Karin Knowland
Knowland, Mrs. Karin
Academic Director
Ms. Melissa Kunce
Kunce, Ms. Melissa
Food Service
Mrs. Renee Lee
Lee, Mrs. Renee
3rd Grade Remediation & Reading Recovery
Ms. Sadie Mahmood
Mahmood, Ms. Sadie
Food Service
Mr. Daron McAllister
McAllister, Mr. Daron
Transportation Director
Mr. Joel McCloskey
McCloskey, Mr. Joel
Mr. David McDonald
McDonald, Mr. David
High School Language Arts
Mrs. Nikki Mershimer
Mershimer, Mrs. Nikki
2nd Grade
Mr. Ken Meyers
Meyers, Mr. Ken
Ms. Miriam Miles
Miles, Ms. Miriam
High School Spanish
Mr. Dwight Mills
Mills, Mr. Dwight
Mrs. Sharon Mills
Mills, Mrs. Sharon
EMIS Coordinator
Ms. Abigail Montgomery
Montgomery, Ms. Abigail
5th Grade Language Arts
Mr. Alex Moore
Moore, Mr. Alex
1st Grade
Mrs. Sandie Morgan
Morgan, Mrs. Sandie
School Secretary
Mrs. Alicia Morin
Morin, Mrs. Alicia
High School Language Arts
Mr. Nick Nirider
Nirider, Mr. Nick
4th Grade Math
Ms. Kim Norton
Norton, Ms. Kim
5th Grade Math
Osborn, Mr. Randy
High School Science
Mrs. Darolyn Peterson
Peterson, Mrs. Darolyn
Mrs. Chris Poland
Poland, Mrs. Chris
Food Service
Ms. Miriam Ponce
Ponce, Ms. Miriam
ELL Program
Mr. Anthony Resto
Resto, Mr. Anthony
4th-12th Grade Art
Mrs. Eboni Rice
Rice, Mrs. Eboni
Elementary Intervention Specialist
Ms. Vanda Richardson
Richardson, Ms. Vanda
1st Grade Paraprofessional
Mrs. Michelle Rupp
Rupp, Mrs. Michelle
4th & 5th Grade Science
Mrs. Angie Ryan
Ryan, Mrs. Angie
Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Ms. Emma Seawell
Seawell, Ms. Emma
Middle School Science
Ms. Carmen Slone
Slone, Ms. Carmen
1st Grade Remediation & Reading Recovery
Ms. Colleen Slusarz
Slusarz, Ms. Colleen
Elementary Intervention Specialist
Mr. Sean Smith
Smith, Mr. Sean
Superintendent & MS/HS Administrator
Mr. Trent Spangler
Spangler, Mr. Trent
4th & 5th Grade Social Studies
Mr. Bart Sparhawk
Sparhawk, Mr. Bart
Middle School Math
Mrs. Hallie Squier
Squier, Mrs. Hallie
Elementary Intervention Specialist
Mrs. Christina Staten
Staten, Mrs. Christina
Food Service Director
Ms. Katelyn Stuckey
Stuckey, Ms. Katelyn
2nd Grade
Mr. Adam Towell
Towell, Mr. Adam
MS/HS Assistant Principal
Mr. Tim Triplett
Triplett, Mr. Tim
Facilities Manager
Mr. Dale Tucker, Sr.
Tucker, Sr., Mr. Dale
Elementary Administrator
Mrs. Kim Vucelich
Vucelich, Mrs. Kim
High School Intervention Specialist
Ms. Deb Weber
Weber, Ms. Deb
Middle School Language Arts
Ms. Chaleah Williams
Williams, Ms. Chaleah
1st Grade
Ms. Simone Williams
Williams, Ms. Simone
2nd Grade Paraprofessional
Ms. Amber Willis
Willis, Ms. Amber
MS/HS Dean of Students
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