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We would like to introduce the lunch staff of Patriot Preparatory Academy - Barb Raftery, Chris Poland, and Bev Dancho.

We have worked together serving students for 20 years and this will be our 8th year serving here at Patriot. We really enjoy serving our students and we want them to really enjoy eating their breakfast and lunch while at school. These meals are a very important part of their day!

Each student has a lunch account and parents need to make sure that their own students have the necessary money in their accounts to be able to buy breakfast and lunch. Per school policy, we do not allow students to purchase breakfast or lunch if they do not have money in their account. Parents may fill out a free/reduced lunch application to see if their students qualify for free or reduced breakfast and/or lunch. A new application must be filled out every school year because last year's applications expire.
The students bring joy to our days by the things they do and say. They refer to us as "the Lunch Ladies" and we are very pleased with that "title"! 
Please feel free to contact us with any questions. During our serving times at breakfast and lunch we will not be able to answer the phone but you are welcome to leave a message and we will return it as soon as possible.

Barb Raftery, Chris Poland, and Bev Dancho
Ms. Marisa Seitz
Ms. Marisa Seitz
Food Service Director


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