Middle School Graphing Competition

Every class in middle school took a 33 question on "Quizziz", daily, for 8 days.  The class average and highest individual scores from each class were posted daily out in the hallway. Class averages were rounded to the nearest 5%. The "Quizziz" covered a variety of middle school graphing skills including:

  • Choosing appropriate graphs for types of data
  • Identifying variables in a data set and placing them on the correct axis
  • Reading data charts and plotting points
  • Analyzing graphs and charts (trends, anomalous data, mean/median/mode/range, calculating percent)
The winner was the class with the highest overall average over the 8 days.  One of the best parts was taking each class out to analyze the graph on the wall ABOUT graphing! :) My students then created their own graphs using the data collected.

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