Family Literacy Night

In an effort to increase engagement with our families and to help foster a love for reading, Patriot Preparatory Academy hosted a Family Literacy Night on September 19, 2023, for over 450 attendees. The event was a resounding success as families from all over the community united under the banner of literacy and the shared joy of reading. Over 180 enthusiastic students from kindergarten to fifth grade, accompanied by their parents and guardians, engaged in a myriad of activities designed to nurture their love for books and reading.

Some of the highlights of the ten activity stations included literacy-based crafts and activities, a guest reader room that surprised students every fifteen minutes with a member of the staff sharing a favorite book, a room where families could gather and read a story illuminated by only a flashlight, and a Story Trail outside that visitors could walk through and read an inspirational book focused on inclusion and the celebration of diversity.
Students and families received a wealth of information and resources on how to foster literacy at home. The Columbus Public Library was also there and shared information on the multitude of services they provide. Families were able to register for a library card right at the event! Most excitingly, Patriot Preparatory Academy distributed hundreds of grade-level appropriate books for the students to take home, ensuring every student had several new books in their hands. In addition to the wealth of knowledge and resources shared, attendees were also treated to a complimentary pancake dinner, allowing families to bond over a fun meal and great stories.

Family Literacy Night is not just about books. It is about the community coming together, sharing experiences, and nurturing a culture where the joy of reading is celebrated. The event is intended to support the crucial role that families play in nurturing their children's literacy skills, fostering a love for reading, and setting them up for academic success.


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