Career Fair at PPA

Friday, November 18th all middle school and high school students participated in PPA’s first career fair.  Twenty presenters from various career fields gathered in the gymnasium to meet with students and teach them more about their career paths.  Students were able to spend time getting to know each career field, asking questions, learning about what it takes to enter into each career, and even getting a hands-on look at some of the jobs presented.    

Students learned a lot from the experience and enjoyed having time to meet people in careers they are interested in.  As one student shared, she learned that “[t]here's a lot of paths. If you want to do something, do it with your heart, because it will be worth it. If you decide to have a change of heart and want to go into a different career, that also is possible.”

Another student expressed the experience made him more hopeful in his future after graduation.  “At the career fair, it became apparent to me that many fields are easier to get started in than I had at first suspected. This has made me more optimistic for what the future holds, both for me, and my generation.”

We would like to thank each of our presenters for taking time from their day to spend educating our students and helping have a successful event!  We plan on making our career fair an annual experience for students at Patriot, and are excited to continue growing this event in the future.

Our presenters:
David Gray - Lab Tech Supervisor
Tennison Gray - Computer Programmer
Amanda Trout - Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist
Lia Barte - Occupational Therapist
Mollie Jordan - Forensic Lab / Criminalist
Gregory Grant - Family Doctor & Firefighter
Rahim Rahman - Anesthesiologist
Heidi Plavecsky - Nurse
Micah Linger - Marine Recruiter
Matthew Sowder - Army National Guard
Officer John Brown - Police
Derik Bennett - Fire / EMT
Dan Keiser - Architect
Sheena Marston - Structural Engineer
Kevin Pitts - Car Design
Tammie Osler and Jason Kee - Lawyer
Tenika Walls - Barber
Kim Vucelich - Real Estate
Ben Vucelich - Landscaping/Lawn Care
Simon Ponce - Teacher  

If you're interested in having a booth at our career fair next year, please contact Megan Dwyer at [email protected]..
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