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PPA's 1st Elementary Speech Meet
The elementary at PPA held its first Speech Meet over Zoom on Friday, May 1st.  The virtual speech meet looked much different than it would have at school, but nonetheless students were able to recite their speech in front of two judges and their grade level peers.  They all did a wonderful job and received the following placements:

Superior Rating: 1st Place Blue ribbon                               
Debora Zelalem                                  
Taylor Martin                                      
Alyvia Boone  
Maria Rucker
Elijah Jones
Madison Slone                                    
Elijah Hodge-Claytor                          
Trinity Hodge-Claytor                          
Jamiah Saunders                                
Anaya Harper                                      
Sanai Harrison                                    
Aaliyah Dudley                                    
Michael Kendrick                                
Zakiya Ayers                                      
Narkour Tetteh-Odonkour  
Dominick Talley                                                    
Excellent Rating: 2nd Place Red ribbon
Ariana Briggs
Penelope Robinson
Skyler Rutherford
Autum Ayers
Daniel Castro Ochoa
Joshua Gbenpelle
Isaac Norris
Tyler Rutherford
Ezra King
Jacob Slone
Johnathon Cassell
Gabriella Hairston
KaRya Olverson
Trinity Gresson
DeVaughn Shaw
Gabriella Lusmat
Cameron Chinn
Aissatou Barry
James Watson
Troyston Wallis
Cory Carter
Geremiah Jones-Siler

Good Rating:  3rd Place White ribbon 
Cryson Moore
Freddie Johnson
Elijah Edwards
Karleigh Jones
Nekiesha Vulcan
Robert Gbenpelle
Amen Yohannas
Zariah Mitchelle
Aaliyah Mills