Go Figure

Go Figure - Math Olympics IS COMING!!!!!
Contest Information and Rules

Date:  January  17, 2019
Time: 1st & 2nd 1:00pm    3rd - 5th 2:00pm
Location: PPA gym

Math Olympics will be for 1st-5th grade students.  The  Junior Division will consist of 1st and 2nd grade and the Senior Division will consist of 3rd-5th grade.   

Students will be given opportunities to practice math problems in classroom centers but most of the practice needs to happen at home.  Below you will find several links to sample Math Olympic grade level problems in the form of worksheets or games.  Students should start practicing with their grade level or one grade lower and then continue practicing through higher grade levels.  Teachers will conduct at least three math assessments, geared specifically toward the math olympics material, over the next several weeks.  Based upon these assessments six (6) students from each class will be selected to be participate in the PPA  Math Olympics.

The Math Olympics consists of three different sections:
  • Facts
    • 6 second time limit to answer
    • Problems will be read 2 times
  • Equations
    • students will be given a whiteboard to use
    • 20 second time limit to answer
    • Equations will be read 2 times
  • Word Problems
    • Students will be given a whiteboard to use
    • 1 minute time limit to answer 
    • Word problems will be displayed on the screen

Students, in each grade of each division, will be given a problem on their grade level.  It is a single elimination contest so as long as a student gets the problem correct, they will move on to the next round.  This will continue until we have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in each division. 

Common Core Sheets

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Homeschool Math


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