Middle School Newspaper

The Newspaper Club is made up of 14 students in 6th-8th grade. They meet about once per week and divide up the assignments and set deadlines. The students are working on their writing skills as well as interviewing skills. We are learning about citing sources properly, the difference between paraphrasing and a direct quote, and how to write objectively. The students were also required to sign a contract stating they would maintain their grades, adhere to all school rules, attend all meetings, and meet their deadlines. 
The members include:
Editor in Chief - Jordan Rogan
Assistant Editor - Ariyana Rex
Chief Photographer - Nia Price
Chief Artist - Maryann Centeno
Field Reporters - Day'von Diles, Gervaun Jones-Siler, Janayah Hodge, Shahina Weir, Laiya Smith, 
Researchers - Marlisse Cupid, Rylee Hale, Kaia Dillard-Mixon, Shia Dillard-Mixon, Narki Tetteh-Odonkor
Their Mission Statement: The purpose of this club is to give the student body a voice and means of passing along information. The newspaper will provide an outlet for creativity and a place to share ideas, opinions, and ideals. Although the newspaper will be written and edited by middle school students, it it intended to bring unity among students and teachers of all ages at Patriot Preparatory Academy.    

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