Construction is Underway at PPA

The construction on our second story is well underway. The elementary classrooms had to be prepped by moving all of the desks and chairs to the back of the room and hanging heavy plastic from the ceiling. The footers have all been poured to serve as a foundation for the steel beams that will go from the bottom of the first floor to the top of the 2nd floor. The steel beams will be set next week so they can build the decking for the 2nd floor.

You can see the resource modular has been replaced by gravel and steel, block is being laid for the west wall of the 2nd floor, there is now a block elevator shaft in the elementary hallway, and the library looks like a mess. We are so excited for the new addition that will be ready in August of 2018, but a ton of work still remains for this summer and next school year.

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